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U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Capabilities Manager for Total Army Distance Learning Program

Period of Performance: November 2010- Present

General Description and Deliverables: TMG is supporting the development of the Army Persistent Learning Capability (PLC). Simultaneously, we are developing, the Persistent Learning Capability Strategy and Campaign Plan 2011-2015 requiring coordination and staffing across the Army as well as preparation of budget and annual action plans to execute the PLC Strategy. TMG is implementing the Lean DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Implement, and Control) Process to revolutionize the TADLPís organizational structure, processes and technologies in order to establish the objective Persistent Learning Capability.

Benefits and Value: TMG will develop an Annual Campaign Planning process and standardized work for continuously updating the Campaign Plan and an After Action Review/Continuous Improvement Process to ensure the Campaign Plan remains adaptive and relevant. TMG will also develop a futures planning capability that will ensure the PLC evolves and adapts as rapid changes occur in the competitive learning and operating environments. These processes will create a collaborative proactive forum for stakeholders to share near real time information and inputs to ensure the Campaign Plan and its resulting annual action plans are meeting the goals and objectives of the Armyís Persistent Learning Capability, the stakeholder community, and the learning and development needs of our Army.